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Introducing Croquet

We hope that you will all agree that Croquet is a most agreeable of sports for all ages; it is a low-impact pastime that can be enjoyed throughout one’s life; a mentally stimulating ‘stress-reliever’ that encourages people to socialise outdoors for a common purpose. The ever present ‘frisson’ of competition raises it above the ordinary and helps one develop a simple form of tactical awareness by encouraging players to be thinking ahead, one or more strokes, to create game-winning advantages whilst maintaining a wickedly winning smile (if you see what I mean!!).


First and foremost, croquet is just great fun!


Court Layout:


The Course can be set up to play either Association Croquet or Golf Croquet, whichever you decide. The suggestion is that most new or inexperienced players start by playing Golf Croquet which is useful for learning stroke play. It is usually a fast and exhilarating game that is played to national competition standards. The use of a handicapping system makes mixed ability games entirely possible. 


The layout of all croquet games on either half courts or the full court is the same and is detailed in this illustration. The court size can be reduced maintaining the proportions of five units and to a width of four units.  

croquet set up.png

TOP TIP!! Don’t get too mesmerised by words, expressions or complex details of either Association Croquet or Golf Croquet, before you start to play. You really will be amazed at how easy it is to understand the essential rules when we start to play. ​


Instruction and coaching:


We offer a taster session for free with informal instruction for those interested in joining the Club. Opportunities for instruction for members are available on the mix-in days. The Croquet Association website does have some excellent details on how to play each game, and informative videos that may be useful to all members.



The Club is very fortunate to have exclusive use of two full games of equipment and additional items that can be made available for practice. Many members prefer to have their own mallet so that they can get used to it and, by keeping it at home, know that it is always available for your exclusive use. 

When walking on the lawn, flat-soled shoes are required to maintain the best playing conditions for both Croquet and Bowls.


It would be helpful if players set out the hoops and peg for their own game and, unless someone is scheduled to play on the next session of that day, return all equipment to the locker in the Clubhouse when the game has ended. Please ensure that the Clubhouse and the gate to the ground are locked whenever either or both are to be left unattended.


Find a Friend for a Game:


Members may join our WhatsApp group to find out when others want to play a game. For a link to this group contact



Useful Links:  - The Croquet Association - Jaques which provides equipment

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