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To book a court you need to be a member. When you join the club you will be given access to the booking system to make a reservation.



  • If you are unable to take up your reserved lawn/green, please remember to cancel it.

  • You may book a lawn/green up to two weeks ahead but croquet and bowls cannot be played at the same time.

  • There is a green fee for guests (who must play with a member) - £5 per person per session.

  • Please always use flat-soled shoes when playing on the lawn/green.

  • All users should put out their own equipment and clear everything away afterwards unless agreed by a following booking group.


To make a booking please click on TBCC Booking System  




  • Start by selecting a date on the calendar.

  • Select a session (Morning, afternoon or evening)

  • ("Add Entry" comes up)

  • Put some or all players down in "Brief Description”

  • Select an option under “Type” (Full lawn, Half Lawn, Bowls)

  • Make the booking Tentative or Confirmed

  • As long as you get two green ticks - Select “Save”


If you have any problems do contact

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